With Simply Flows you will save and innovate while we automate!

Why automate?

Consider automating those tedious manual tasks in order to:

  • Save time and energy and allocate them to what matter the most. Less time wasted on busywork means more time for high-value work.
  • Save money and spend it on growing your business. Resources allotted towards customer acquisition or customer care will help you grow and improve. Money spent on manual repetitive tasks is totally wasted.
  • Eliminate errors made by manually processing data. Manual data entry or copying and pasting information from one web app to another introduces endless opportunities for human errors. Data integrity is too important to be left to manual processing.
  • Boost your creativity by reducing your mental overload. Let machines do what they were built for and do best – exactly – repetitive data processing tasks. Computers excel at it. We, humans, excel at creativity, innovation, empathy, and… having fun!
  • Boost morale and motivation. 90% of knowledge workers are bored and demoralized by the manual and tedious tasks they need to perform. A study found data entry to be the most hated activity of all. Just imagine the boost in motivation and ultimately job satisfaction your people will have once unburdened!

When to automate?

You will know you are ready to start automating when you find asking yourself some of the questions below:
  • Why can’t my cloud apps ‘talk’ with each other?
  • Do I really need to perform this operation again and again?
  • Have I been copying and pasting data in the last hour?
  • Should I hire someone to do all those manual tasks for me?
  • Wait a minute! Weren’t computers invented for repetitive tasks? Then why are still so many people doing them?

Why automate with us?

    Simply Flows is a platform that integrates your cloud apps and brings your data together. The right data and right on time!
  • No coding or IT experience is required to automate with us.
  • We provide a reliable, high quality, and affordable service.
  • Choose from existing templates or create your custom workflows.
  • Pay as you go option.

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