Simply Flows Pricing

Free (first 100 users)
$20/mo or $200/yr
$35/mo or $380/yr
Pay as you grow
3 active workflows5 active workflows10 active workflowsUnlimited workflows
5,000 executions/mo10,000 executions/mo20,000 executions/moUnlimited executions
15 min schedule5 min schedule1 min schedule1 min schedule
Unlimited applicationsUnlimited applicationsUnlimited applicationsUnlimited applications
Workflows templatesWorkflows templatesWorkflows templatesWorkflows templates
Two-blocks workflowsMulti-blocks workflowsMulti-blocks workflowsMulti-blocks workflows
No credit cardCredit card requiredCredit card requiredCredit card required
Email supportEmail supportEmail, chat supportEmail, chat, phone support
Support response time – 72 hoursSupport response time – 48 hoursSupport response time – 24 hoursCustom SLA
3 premium applications5 premium applicationsUnlimited premium applications

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