First public demo of Simply Flows

Our very first demo of our platform, Simply Flows, took place on 11/11/2020. Thank you to Devin Walsh and Reverb for organizing and hosting our presentation! It was a great opportunity to talk about the process automation space and to show our platform for the very first time.

Process automation has been around for some time now. It’s getting more and more accessible with the low- and no-code automation platforms, that make it possible for anyone to automate their workflows.

Consider employing RPA (Robotic Process Automation) whenever:
  • Well-defined, uniform tasks are performed frequently
  • Timing is critical
  • Data integrity is crucial

Why should we even consider process automation? Below are the key benefits:
  • Save time and energy. Do high-value work, instead of busy-work.
  • Save money. Resources allotted towards customer acquisition or customer care will help you grow and improve your business.
  • Manual data entry, copying and pasting information from one app to another introduces endless opportunities for human errors. Data integrity is way too important to be left to manual processing.
  • Boost creativity by reducing the mental overload. Let machines do what they were built for and do best – exactly, repetitive data processing tasks. Computers excel at it. We, humans, on the other hand, excel at creativity, innovation, and empathy – traits machines will hardly ever have.
  • Increase motivation and job satisfaction of knowledge workers, once unburdened.

A very important point is the strong Return on Investment (ROI). While each company will experience different numbers, the ROI has the potential to reach up to 200 percent in the first year of operation.

Watch the demo below to see how Simply Flows can help with documenting, visualizing, and automating your processes:

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