Simply Flows: Virtual Assistants in the Metaverse

We are thrilled to announce that Simply Flows is the first company ever to offer virtual assistants in the metaverse! Customers can ‘hire’ and ‘train’ virtual assistants to perform mundane tasks for them. They can also customize their virtual assistants by changing the names, avatars, and appearances.


Reading time: 2 mins | Published on: 1/11/2022

We are super excited to share this first sneak peek of the virtual assistants metaverse we’re building.

The Future Office is… in the Metaverse

The metaverse is the true evolution of how we work and interact with each other. Even more importantly, the metaverse offers a truly new way to use technology. As we know, the future of work entails humans doing their jobs alongside the digital workforce. There is no way around it. Also, there is no point of pushing back or insisting on the old ways. Currently, our experiences are limited to web and desktop applications. Additionally, the digital workforce is called ‘bots’, ‘robots’, ‘zaps’, ‘workflows’, etc. Nothing suggesting teamwork, collaboration, or even remote acceptance. Therefore, we’ve set out to build an immersive experience for people and human-like appearance of the virtual assistants. In short, we’ll bring the two ends of the spectrum together into a new reality.

It’s been a remarkable journey of building a no-code solution for process automation. Having all the pieces in place, and looking at where technology is going, we’ve decided to expand to the metaverse. We are extending our powerful engine for automated process workflows into the metaverse. Indeed, not only is it the future of technology, it is also the future of work and the future of the office.

Virtual Assistants in the Metaverse

Join our Discord community to follow our progress, to take part in shaping the first-ever virtual assistants metaverse, and to get rewards. We take each and every piece of feedback to heart. Also, we promise to stay on top of technology at all times. Surely, it’s going to be an awesome journey. So, come and make that leap with us!

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