Metaverse vs. Multiverse, What’s the Difference?

With the release of the new Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness movie, I think it’s appropriate to discuss two of the most significant “M” named worlds. The multiverse and the metaverse are two of the most exciting and futuristic concepts lately. Some people know a little bit about them, others have barely heard the words. To most, they sound and seem similar. Well, they are not. What’s the difference? Glad you asked! Let’s explore the differences between the metaverse vs. multiverse.

Reading time: 5 mins | Published on: 5/17/2022

The Metaverse

The metaverse is a virtual environment where you can connect seamlessly with people from all over the world. In these worlds, you can express yourself by creating your own avatar and other customizations you get to choose. Plus, there are environments for everyone to join. There is a metaverse for you if you like real estate, gaming, business, or remotely any type of environment. These virtual worlds combine physical aspects to make it feel like you are in the real world, even though you are immersed in technology. This is just a bit of what the metaverse has to offer. Find out more about them in this article by Simply Flows.

Tangra - Virtual Workspace

The Multiverse

Now the multiverse has multiple definitions. In technical terms, it is the ideology that there is more than one universe. This means that different parallel universes exist. There can be other versions of yourself in these worlds and different storylines. If you join a multiverse virtual world, they are very chaotic and unique environments with no sense of order or ownership. Each universe is different, so you would have to leave one to join the other and perform various functions. From a more fun point of view, the multiverse is an ecosystem of parallel realities in the Marvel Universe. There are many dimensions, each with different outcomes for different situations. The Marvel multiverse is boundless, showing how there is chaos and a multitude of worlds to be explored. The multiverse overall, whether Marvel-based or technical, makes up a multitude of different worlds that a person can be involved within.

Metaverse vs. Multiverse: The Differences

metaverse vs. multiverse
The metaverse vs. multiverse debate tries to determine where the differences between the two lie. Although both are known for being virtual ecosystems, they’re very different.
1. Virtual World vs. Multiple Worlds

As established, the metaverse is a singular virtual world, whereas the multiverse is multiple for one platform. If you were to enter the Tangra by Simply Flows metaverse, it is one seamlessly connected environment where people can interact, collaborate, and be creative. The multiverse is different virtual environments in one. Rather than being able to deal with NFTs and play games in the same location, the multiverse would make you switch to another world to deal with these different interactions. The metaverse would let you do this all in the same world. Although hundreds of different metaverses exist, you can do nearly anything you want in that singular world once you are in a specific one you choose. With the multiverse, there are multiple areas in one environment, and to do different tasks, you have to switch between unique domains.

2. Different Personas
metaverse vs. multiverse

When entering the virtual world, you can choose how you want to portray yourself. In the metaverse, you can create an avatar personalized based on how you want others to see you. You get to express who you are and how you are unique. With the multiverse, you can have various different personas. Take the movie Spiderman: No Way Home, for example. When Ned opened the portal, Tobey McGuire came out of one portal and Andrew Garfield out of the other. These two other people were Spiderman in earlier movies. By opening the multiverse portal, you could meet and see these other Spidermen and learn briefly about their parallel universes and different storylines. You can do this online in the multiverse as well and create different people for each unique world, whereas with the metaverse, you have your solo avatar.

3. Ownership

There is no ownership of assets in the multiverse in other virtual worlds. If you were to attain something of value in one ecosystem, it means nothing in another. That asset would have to remain in that environment since that would be the only place where your ownership of it holds value. The metaverse is the opposite. NFTs and other collectibles are always valuable in the shared space. Since the metaverse only comprises one specific world for each program, your ownership of an item will hold value. For example, if one were to buy and collect different Axie’s in Axie Infinity, they would hold a lot of value in that domain. Ownership of assets is a heavy influencer in what makes the metaverse vs. multiverse vary.

The metaverse is a vast singular virtual ecosystem with ownership and avatars specific to you. The multiverse is many worlds in one platform where there is only ownership in each world with varying avatars. Plus, the multiverse is a heavy influencer in the Marvel ecosystem. These two worlds, although vastly different, are both unique to other people. Now that the distinction has been made, which world would you want to join?

Every Remote Company Needs a Metaverse

As a remote company, it can be hard to connect in a meaningful manner. People can join virtual meetings and interact with one another, but this communication is not always seamless. So, how could a remote company become more interactive with its employees? With Simply Flows Metaverse Tangra, their main goal is to deliver features to your remote company that the virtual world can not. In this article, you will learn more about the features of Tangra, including their virtual assistants. Remote companies would enjoy their experience more through this business metaverse’s unique offerings.

Reading time: 4 mins | Published on: 5/10/2022

Can’t do it Over Zoom

Different functions can be done over various web applications and through virtual meetings. However, the lack of engaging communication can harm remote companies. Tangra goes beyond just connecting people. It does it in an immersive and inclusive way. That makes it an exciting virtual world to explore.

Every remote company needs a metaverse
Now You See Me

In virtual meetings, you can see one another depending on camera functionality. Sure, it is nice to see your coworkers, but it may not always happen. This can make the remote experience dull and uneventful, leading to a loss of focus. In Tangra, you have exciting and customizable avatars that can engage with others. Once you permit your computer to have access to your microphone, you can chat with coworkers in this world. In fact, this would increase engagement because everyone would be present in their unique ways. Tangra takes away the issue of lack of personalization in a remote company and instead makes it a fun virtual working environment.

Daily Meetings

To go off what we just talked about, daily meetings can be held in Tangra to help with concentration and engagement for employees. Bringing people into the virtual world, especially people from all over the world, where they can hear and see each other without issue, is good motivation to start the day. Having these meetings can also be impacted by the office environment. Instead of feeling isolated from everyone at work, you all can gather in the board room. There you can discuss plans for the day or utilize Simply Flows other exciting feature for Tangra, which is…

A Place for Presentations or Decorations

All around Tangra, there are black screens. When you interact with these screens, you can upload anything you like, as long as you have permission. Now you may be thinking this can be done on other virtual platforms. However, your remote company gets to post and leave these images up for as long as they desire. If there is an area where you just want some fun decorations, you can put up different artwork or something that expresses yourself. You can upload a photo or video presenting whatever material you want in places like the board room or other small meeting areas. Need to show a picture? Upload it to one of those screens and explain why it is essential to your coworkers. Having presentation space, as well as the ability to express yourself, makes engagement rates soar.

Virtual Assistants

Tangra already has a lot of benefits, but one of its most significant accomplishments is their virtual assistants. Virtual assistants are placed all around the office to help you with different needs. At the front desk, an “office manager” is there to greet you and to help you navigate the space. It can automatically schedule a meeting with a team member via the cool integration with Calendly. Another assistant is in an office pertaining to crypto and day trading. You can get all the news you need on these topics with ease. Rather than struggling with tasks, Simply Flows made virtual assistants to make your life and work as stress-free as possible.

Excitement for the Future

There are so many amazing benefits to the Tangra metaverse. It makes digital engagement easier for a remote company and brings together people from around the world. The hype behind this technology can bring excitement to coworkers. In an article on Insider about eXp Realty, these employees have only worked in a metaverse environment. It was made for their company and has held high levels of engagement because it is interactive, easy to use, and has a fun aspect to it as well. Working entirely in that virtual world has actually brought co-workers closer together. They are excited to visit each other while on a vacation or a trip to their peer’s location.

Tangra’s metaverse is unique. You can customize the avatars and the space to your company’s liking. Presentations and interactions can be personalized and meaningful. Being a part of Tangra’s business metaverse is the first step to creating an engaging metaverse for your remote company.

Metaverse Business Opportunities

Many people are afraid to move towards the metaverse. They feel that it could hurt them because these virtual and alternate reality systems can replace jobs. In actuality, these functions are creating new and exciting opportunities for people. These new environments are creating a plethora of metaverse business opportunities; all you have to do is go find them!

Reading time: 5 mins | Published on: 4/25/2022

Metaverse background

Before we start talking about metaverse business opportunities, it is vital that we cover the basics. The metaverse is an expansive virtual world that you can explore alone, with friends, or with people you meet from around the world. Depending on the metaverse you choose to join, it can be for business, entertainment, gaming, finance, etc. These expansive worlds normally have coins that you can collect through completing tasks or buying them over time. Plus, there are a lot of NFTs in these virtual worlds that you can buy, sell, trade, or collect. The metaverse has a lot to offer and allows you to connect with people worldwide to do simple and fun tasks. To learn more about the basics of the metaverse, this article by Simply Flows is a great guide.

Metaverse Business Opportunites

Now moving on to the opportunities one can have in the metaverse. There are a lot of possibilities for success both inside and outside of these virtual worlds. More jobs have become available as a result of this new technology, and knowing about these new opportunities is important.

metaverse business opportunities
1. Jobs Outside the Metaverse

You’re probably thinking, “What does ‘outside the metaverse’ mean?” It represents the jobs you can get that allow for the creation of these virtual worlds. Metaverses do not come to be out of the blue. Extensive coding, content creation, creative designs, 3D modeling, animations, various interactions, audio & video casts, and more are needed in order to make these dream worlds a reality. Software engineers and architects, as well as visual designers are important because they create these virtual worlds. Creative directors make sure that the content is fun to interact with and keeps users engaged. Product managers work on coming up with new ideas and features that meet the needs of people in the world. All these jobs are growing in numbers. Also, the pay is not bad at all!

2. Jobs Inside the Metaverse

Besides outside of the metaverse, you can get jobs inside it, too. There are many metaverses and each of them is a vast world with so many opportunities. You can interact with anyone from anywhere in the world, having an immersive and more personalized experience. Opportunities and businesses will grow together inside the metaverse and become one of the driving forces for people to get hired over time. Another job for people in the metaverse is performing. Since many metaverses are based on entertainment, many have famous, up-and-coming, or new performers perform on stages. This is a way for people to make an income and become noticed for their talents. The metaverse is exciting and gives people new ways to work globally.

Old Jobs in a new Reality

As the metaverse grows, some exciting jobs can become available. Besides just what is possible now, there will be more growth as technology progresses. This will create more opportunities for people to become employed and thrive in these VR worlds. Metaverse business opportunities are becoming more possible as time goes by and some of these opportunities are…

1. Dining

As the metaverse grows, so do the people that use it. Dining has become a popular occurrence in the metaverse. People can make reservations at these eating establishments and converse with others. But, what is a restaurant without a waiter? As time goes by and more people begin making reservations for these virtual dining locations, people will need servers to keep the illusion alive. Servers will eventually be necessary for the metaverse and will earn an income for those who take the jobs.

2. Personal Trainers

People want to lose weight without leaving the comfort of their own homes. The metaverse is the key to this journey. Having personalized fitness experiences is essential to people, but some are gym shy or do not have the time to leave their house and go to the gym. Using the metaverse is a great way to get in shape, but if people do not know how, they will need help. Cue personal trainers. These personal trainers can get paid to run fitness classes or one-on-one sessions. Teaching people how to lose weight or gain muscle is something that many people want. This becomes an easily attainable luxury with paid personal trainers in the metaverse.

3. Educators
Metaverse Business Opportunities

With COVID, virtual learning became the new norm. As we slowly progress back to a state of normalcy and being in classrooms, it is curious to see that some people do not want to go back to this way of life. Instead of being forced to go to classes, students should have the right to choose how they want to learn. With the metaverse, this is made possible. People can still have an interactive learning environment within their homes. However, they need teachers, counselors, and more to be successful in receiving their education. By hiring these professionals in the metaverse, more jobs open up to teachers worldwide.

As you can see, the metaverse is not trying to steal jobs away from people. In fact, more jobs have and will become available due to this technology. The possibilities in the metaverse are endless, not only for users but also for people seeking employment.

Metaverse Office is Expanding the Physical One

We all know how hard it was to go to the office once COVID-19 hit. Most of the offices got closed and people had to work from home. Virtual meetings became the norm, and ever since this change, people still choose to work from home. With this increase in hybrid or virtual work models, new methods of communication have become more prevalent. The metaverse has allowed for an exciting and new virtual work environment. Many metaverses, one being Tangra, a metaverse by Simply Flows, have created a virtual space for people to meet, collaborate, and perform various business functions. The metaverse office brings unique benefits for knowledge workers.

Reading time: 5 mins | Published on: 4/18/2022

Functions of the Business Metaverse

The metaverse office allows you to meet with coworkers anywhere, anytime, and in any place. This technology is revolutionary and paves the way for the future of work. The Tangra metaverse will be used as an example to show all the amazing benefits that come with the virtual reality office.

1. Personalized Meetings

When meeting on different web conferencing software, meetings are not that personalized. You can see one another only if their cameras are on. During these meetings, people could get tired and may not be very engaged in this 2D setting. However, in Simply Flows Tangra metaverse, you can enter this office with a personalized avatar. You can customize this avatar to look like you or be completely different, having its own unique style. Once everyone enters Tangra, the avatars can interact with each other. This creates a better experience for everyone involved because people worldwide can physically interact with each other in this 3D setting. You can walk around, sit, interact with the environment, and talk with one another in this office setting. Instead of feeling detached, the metaverse office will make you feel connected again.

2. Water Cooler Chats

Say you are an international employee. It can be a drag to sign on and meet people at later or earlier hours because working times do not overlap. The metaverse office makes this process less tedious. You can sign on and meet with your coworkers to chat about a project or just catch up. By being able to see one another’s avatars, the experience is much more enjoyable for all parties. Additionally, such interactions help better include those who remain virtual. We’ve brought the iconic water cooler chats to Tangra. Just bring your own water bottle.

3. Events

Companies can host various events in the metaverse, one being job fairs. Jobs fairs are a great way to meet people and determine if they are a good fit for a company. However, in person meetings are hard or impossible during a pandemic. Therefore, an organization could miss out on a great match. Also, international applicants may not be considered for jobs outside of the country where they reside. All this will change in the metaverse. Host job fairs in this new space and find the best talent. The metaverse office opens up tons of new opportunities for employment that people previously could not attain.

metaverse office

What Makes Tangra Unique?

Simply Flows metaverse Tangra is unique because it offers more than these essential business functions. It is the first and only metaverse to have virtual assistants. You may be wondering what are virtual assistants? They are computer-generated avatars that help you with different tasks. In Tangra, you see an office assistant right after you enter. She can help you with additional inquiries and direct you to where you need to go efficiently by speaking to you. Looking to find out more about what Simply Flows product has to offer? The virtual assistant will take you to their product page. Want to sign up? She will point you to the visitor book. Workflows can be made through these assistants to program what you need to do conveniently. Tangra brings virtual assistants to life and humanizes your experience with AI.

Will this Technology Replace In-Person Offices?

Obviously, a lot can be done in the metaverse office space. However, this technology will never completely replace the in-person office experience. It is an excellent addition for more personalized communication when working from home or a distance away. Brick-and-mortar offices have been around for a long time. Some people just prefer them or do not have proper conditions to work from home. Others like being home but will use the metaverse to feel like they are not alone. Overall, the metaverse will not replace the in-person experience. It will be a suitable replacement for those who want a better online experience when working.

In Tangra: host or attend meetings, do presentations or trainings, and utilize our virtual assistants to offer better experience to your customers. Learn more or book a demo today!

5 Unique Metaverse Uses in Our Everyday Lives

The metaverse can be used for entertainment, events, concerts, games. However, there is much more to the metaverse than meets the eye. Onboarding, job fairs, e-commerce, tourism, and dating are some unique metaverse uses that can immensely impact our lives.

Reading time: 5 mins | Published on: 4/5/2022

Unique Metaverse Uses

Metaverses are an exciting place where nearly anything is possible. The unique uses of these virtual worlds are exciting to explore. Let’s look at some you may never have considered before.

1. Onboarding

Every new employee goes through onboarding. There are usually quite a few people involved in the onboarding process – recruiters, talent development professionals, your direct manager, senior team member(s), etc. Any of those people could be away or working from home. It’s your first day and there’s no one to do the onboarding? No problem, it can be done in the metaverse in an interactive and immersive way. The actual office space could be replicated in the metaverse, so you may freely walk around without disturbing anyone. You will meet with everyone you need to, get your questions answered, review policies in a new fun way, go through the mandatory trainings, obtain a better understanding of your immediate job responsibilities. And all of that without the commute, stress, and anxiety. Onboarding in the metaverse can be very beneficial to both the organization and the new employee’s wellbeing.

Simply Flows is building the future of work in the metaverse. We offer offices for rent and purchase in the metaverse, along with digital assistants to augment your physical workforce.

2. Job Fairs

Job-hunting is a daunting task. In-person job fairs can be stressful and may turn out to be a total waste of time with long lines of people and no one to answer your questions. Online job fairs often times have company booths unmanned which neglects the purpose of a 1-on-1 conversation to demonstrate your drive and potential. In the metaverse, you would be able to use your avatar and voice to show off your true persona while eliminating those face-to-face jitters. Plus, more companies would be able to show up to job fairs in the metaverse. They could set up fun booths to display who they are and that would be much simpler than traveling to an in-person location. This opens up the possibility for more jobs to be available for people worldwide.

3. Commerce
metaverse uses

If you love to shop until you drop then the metaverse will have an insane amount of options available for you. Instead of purchasing something on the fly, you can try them on in the metaverse and test them out to see if you like them. Then, these products can either be purchased as virtual NFTs or physical products from anywhere in the world. There will be no barriers to purchasing in the metaverse, so shopping can be done whenever you desire. Plus, the physical products that you purchase, they can be sent straight to your place of residency. Once you buy them in the metaverse they are yours to keep. The ability to thoroughly test out products and then buy them in the different tangible states is one of many exciting metaverse uses.

4. Tourism

Trip get canceled because of COVID? No worries! Within the metaverse, people have created worlds that depict real life. With this technology, it is no longer a problem to see the world. In fact, at little to no cost, the metaverse allows you to become the tourist of your dreams. You can explore the world in a highly interactive manner, meet new people, and revel at the beautiful sites in front of you. Although virtually seeing this content, the metaverse will make it feel like you’re actually in another country seeing the world. Plus, if this isn’t enough for you and you want to physically go to a new location, you can check out hotels in the metaverse before booking to see if you like them. The metaverse gives a lot of possibilities for tourism, through the recreation of beautiful sights and even hotels.

Metaverse Uses
5. Dating

Meeting people through an app can be scary. You never know if a person in their profile is how they appear. With the metaverse, this once scary in-person interaction can be eliminated. First meetings can take place in the metaverse so it is like you are meeting in real life, but it is done in a safe manner. You can chat over coffee, go see a movie together, or just explore the metaverse on this date. By having this safe interaction, you could determine whether or not this person seems good for you. This could then lead to more metaverse dates until you feel safe enough to meet in person. This is a unique metaverse use as it brings people together, but in a way that is safe for all.

The unique metaverse uses highlighted in this article can have a strong impact on a person’s everyday life. For people who are more introverted, or have a situation where they can not leave home the metaverse opens up so many opportunities for them. Plus, in unprecedented situations like a pandemic, it could bring together communities when we could not physically see one another. The metaverse is great for everyday lives.

Web2 vs Web3: The Major Differences

The World Wide Web (WWW) is something that we are all familiar with in this day and age. People use the Internet every day to look up information, play games, go shopping, and more. However, did you know that this technology is not old? The first development of the WWW began in 1989 by Time Berners-Lee. A little over 30 years later, the WWW has surpassed expectations. Within these 30 years, the WWW has become a vast space for tons of information, gaming, and other entertainment, all thanks to the evolution of Web2 (also Web 2.0) technology. As we continue to advance in the coming years, the WWW will offer even more. Web3 (also Web 3.0) technology is slowly developing and moving to the forefront. Soon enough, it will become the leading technology we use when online. To prepare for this change, let’s see what the significant differences in Web2 vs Web3 technology are and what you can expect in the coming years.

Reading time: 7 mins | Published on: 3/28/2022

Web2 Evolution

In 2004, Web2 became a large and growing name. The world was moving away from Web1, which only promoted content viewing. Web2 completely changed this by now promoting a more user-generated WWW. Users were encouraged to post their own content. We’ve been posting all sorts of things such as pictures, videos, comments, ratings, and so on. Web2 enabled people to create billions of blog posts (much like I am doing right now). Plus, having different accounts for different websites grew in that period. Web2 brought a social aspect of the technology by empowering us to post whatever we desire. Today, we use Web2 technology nearly every day. Also, we have completely changed the way we receive information.

Here comes Web3

As we know, evolution is inevitable. As we moved away from Web 1.0 to 2.0, we are now moving towards Web3. This new internet technology is the future, and we are slowly beginning to develop and adopt it. So, what exactly is Web3? Web3 is built upon blockchains. It utilizes artificial intelligence, virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, and more. It was conceived around the notion of decentralization and crypto tokens. Now, you may be asking, what does all this mean? Basically, Web3 is the evolution of the WWW with a much more clear purpose. On the surface, it creates a space for real-world human communication online. On a deeper level, it advocates a decentralized, thus transparent, data store, eliminating the need of many a middlemen. There are many proponents of paying people for their user data, unlike in Web2. You may have heard of ‘play-to-earn’ or ‘use-to-earn’ concepts. What is that? Glad you asked! If you give information for something that matches what a person is looking for, you get compensated. This new, open way of using the Internet opens everyone to endless possibilities. Now people can interact with others online in metaverses and also earn money as they do.

Curious about what metaverse projects are currently available?

Check out the metaverse catalog created by Simply Flows.

Web2 vs Web3

If you couldn’t already tell, the World Wide Web will never stop evolving. As we become more technologically advanced, we begin the transition to Web3. Let’s explore the key differences between the two.

web2 vs web3
1. Interaction vs Decentralizaion

In Web2, the application focuses on users and their interactions on the Internet. It wants them to create and share their own unique content. With Web3, the Internet is decentralized. Rather than empowering everyone, it focuses more on single users and getting them what they want in a timely and efficient manner. Their target is to make each individual user happy through their efficient AI network. In this matchup for Web2 vs Web3, Web3 gives more effort towards one person, whereas Web2 wants the greater good for the community.

2. Technologies

Web2 is all about dynamic content, responsive layout, with a huge focus on UI/UX. Web technologies like AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, and surprisingly JavaScript rule. Features like tagging, ratings, community forums are basically the norm. Web applications are designed as API-first, in order to connect with other applications. That was a huge improvement from the mostly static website pages in Web1. Web3, based on the advancements in AI and NLP, promises much better search, analysis, and interpretation of information. Additionally, to deliver the immersive experience, the metaverse, for example, will rely on virtual and augmented reality, 3D modeling, and gesture computing. All in all, Web3 is a massive improvement over Web2, bringing in new depth, dimensions, and opportunities to users, developers, and the business.

3. Data Ownership

You do not own what you post in Web2. In fact, everything that you post is owned by the platform. People do not get any compensation for the work that they publish. In comes Web3 to save the day. Users have ownership over what they post due to data decentralization. That is called ‘shared data ownership.’ This means that your data belong to you, no matter what platform you’ve shared it on. The decentralized data is more secure due to the underlying blockchain technology. Additionally, you can make money for providing information or otherwise contributing to the community. With Web3, data is utilized more fairly and can benefit its owners. 

4. Graphics
web2 vs web3

From 2D to 3D, in the Web2 vs Web3 discussion, it is interesting to see how graphics can change. We are used to the 2D space with video or pictures, but they don’t pop out at you. Even as a kid, I was used to playing games and seeing pictures that relied solely on 2D technology. Web3 changes everything we know about the experience. Now, not only can graphics be 3D, but also interactive. If you’ve ever heard of the metaverse or used some gaming platforms before, you can see how these changes come to life. With different avatars, buildings, and other remarkable landscapes, you can see just how well these 3D graphics come to life in Web3.

5. Social vs. Semantics

With Web2 technology came lots of social media platforms, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and so on. These allowed for communication and social interaction between people via content-creating techniques. People usually find content through keywords that the network asks you to apply. Now with Web3, this semantic web completely changes the game. Instead of using keywords to find these social media and Internet postings, searches are based more on your writing content. This will help filter results more efficiently and precisely towards what you are trying to target. Web3 is much more efficient than Web2’s search algorithms.

As you can see, Web2 vs Web3 uncovers some of the differences between these two WWW evolutions. Web3 brings tons of new technologies to the table – VR, AR, blockchain, crypto tokens, and more. These new developments are paving the way for Web3 and helping it get fully functional. Of course, we won’t adopt Web3 overnight. But we will be much faster than with Web2. Because we’ve been there and we’ve learned a ton. Therefore, we are more ready than before for a big technology leap. Allowing people to interact as though they are actually together has made tons of people excited about this technology. We already see new metaverse projects started daily. Certainly, there are still quite a few things to be improved. But there are many people from small and big companies working on solving the issues. Once we realize the full potential and the endless opportunities of Web3, well, Web2 will be a thing of the past. It will take a few more years until we get there. But the direction is clear.

These Metaverse Benefits can Help you have a Better Life

The metaverse is a wildly growing space. Not only is it a great source of entertainment, but it also is an amazing medium for social interactions. People can use the metaverse for gaming, movies, business, and other functions. If you would like to learn more about the basics of the metaverse, check out this article by Simply Flows. Here we will list the most important metaverse benefits and discuss how they can help you have a better and more simplified life.

Reading time: 5 mins | Published on: 2/16/2022

Metaverse Benefits

The metaverse has the capacity to change the way we socialize, work, and live. Some people are afraid that it could actually make us less social. However, if used in moderation, the metaverse can enhance our social interactions. We could meet new people by interacting in the metaverse. Virtual reality can help us experience things we may not be able to in real life. For example, if you wanted to climb Mount Everest, you could insert yourself into this virtual world and do so safely. This growing phenomenon has so many benefits and can truly revolutionize may aspects of our lives. 

Metaverse Use Cases

We can use the metaverse for various things. Whether you want to watch a movie or plan a presentation for a work meeting, you can do so in the metaverse. This space can accommodate both entertainment and more serious, business, needs.

metaverse benefits
1. Movies

Suppose you don’t want to go to the movie theater. No problem! You can still have the movie theater experience by watching a movie in the metaverse. Whether it’s your favorite movie or something new, you can have a fun experience watching. You could also watch alone or with friends depending on your mood. You could also design the movie theater yourself. From picking your movie to determining the setting you want for watching, the metaverse benefits all your wildest desires.

2. Gaming

Who doesn’t love to kick back and play video games every once in a while? The metaverse opens up the possibilities for gaming to new heights. You can build your own world, create your own avatar, and interact with people through chat or voice messaging in these games. As we know, games were the first use case for immersive experiences. For example, Roblox is a vast virtual universe where you can interact with and make friends. You can build exciting places for you and your friends. You can create whatever you desire in this 3D world. The enjoyable experience Roblox brings to you is a good example of the metaverse benefits. It can help you express your creative side while making more friends all through just a video game. 

3. Social Interactions

There are many ways you can talk to others in the metaverse. Some may think that the only way to chat is through a text box. However, you can also use your speaking voice, visuals, and nonverbal communication to talk to others. You can talk through your avatar to interact with one another. You can upload pictures, videos, or other visuals to show people something that expresses your feelings or just for fun. Nonverbal communication comes with different movements. For example, you could make your avatar shrug if they do not understand something or have them yawn to show you are tired. There are various ways to communicate with others in the metaverse. 

metaverse benefits
4. Business

Believe it or not, but you can actually do business in the metaverse. Need to gather a large group of people together in one room for a meeting? Rather than have everyone leave their workspace and gather in a conference room, they can meet in a metaverse room instead. This will eliminate travel time and still have a similar effect because people will be sharing different videos and presentations. They can speak to one another regarding anything occurring in the meeting. By using the metaverse for business, time savings and efficiency will be increased, while having a different experience at your company gatherings.

5. Dating

Have you ever gone on a dating app, found someone you liked but were too afraid to meet them in person? Many people have been there. However, you could meet the person through the metaverse before actually going on a face-to-face date. You could hang out in a virtual room of your choosing and get to know one another. If it goes well, you could take the next step to meet in person. If it does not, then at least you tested it out in a safe environment. Rather than being worried about who you are meeting with, the metaverse can be used as an outlet to keep you safe in these situations.

There are endless possibilities in the metaverse. You can connect with and safely meet new people, conduct meetings, or use it solely for a source of entertainment. These metaverse benefits can help you have a better life. As time goes on, the space will continue to expand. As more and more metaverses are built, more and more opportunities will be available. If you would like to learn more about how Simply Flows has been incorporating the metaverse in the business world, check out these blog posts and this YouTube video.

Best Metaverses of 2022 (and Facebook isn’t one of them)

The metaverse is mainly used as a virtual meeting place for people to connect and entertain. A lot of new metaverses are created every day. Many are for gaming, others are for different forms of entertainment, and others are for business. Meta (ex Facebook) plans to build the biggest metaverse in the world. However, other metaverses have already gained a lot of popularity and followers. Knowing the best metaverses will help you choose which one to use or invest in.

Reading time: 5 mins | Published on: 2/15/2022

The Metaverse Overview

The metaverse is a growing space. People can meet online through virtual reality and communicate with one another through text, speaking, nonverbal communication, and more. After buying land, you can create offices, homes, and entertainment venues depending on your goals. Plus, you can make your own avatar that is customizable to your preferences. Since all of this is a 3D world, the experience is much more immersive. The metaverse is excellent to meet new friends and form unique connections. The metaverse is a great way to enjoy new experiences and interactions while staying in the comfort of your home.

Top 5 Metaverses

best metaverses

Knowing the best metaverses of 2022 can inform your decisions. On one hand, you can invest in the top ones. On the other, you may become a part of the community yourself. Below are five of the best metaverses you can become a part of (in no particular order).

If you would like to learn more about these metaverses, our metaverse catalog is a great tool to start with.

1. Decentraland

Decentraland is one of the most prominent virtual real estate places in the metaverse. People are able to buy and sell virtual properties at reasonable prices. You can do many things in this virtual world, such as using NFT galleries to show off your art and invest in real estate. Additionally, you could buy different NFT wearables and wear them in this metaverse. There are also crypto tokens $LAND, $ESTATE, and $MANA associated with Decentraland. This metaverse world is one of the best because you can invest, make money, and overall enjoy exploring a new setting.

2. Enjin

An Ethereum blockchain, Enjin is another fun virtual world in which you can immerse yourself. You can play games with other people and chat about different things. Also, you can make different collectible areas for all the stuff you find in this world. With these NFT collectibles, you can trade them with others to broaden your collection. Over 2.3 million people have installed this in their wallets because they enjoy the Enjin world. The crypto for this metaverse is $ENJ and has one of the higher market shares, making it one of the best metaverses on the market.

3. The Sandbox
best metaverses

The Sandbox is one of the most popular metaverses. This highly pixilated program is great for trying to monopolize and create your own world. It opens you up to new virtual experiences and gives you the power to create a world you always wanted. And you don’t need to know how to code to build there. You can make your imagination come to life without difficulty. You can also buy, sell, and stake NFTs in the Sandbox. Users can collect SAND coins. Also, they can purchase or unblock coins. Plus, there are different seasons in the Sandbox. They are currently getting ready for Alpha Season 2, including more investing in crypto, NFTS, hours played, and more. Signing up for this application would give you the opportunity to meet new people and earn different rewards.

4. Microsoft’s Mesh

Mesh is a business metaverse. It is a platform for virtual collaboration. This application is excellent for geographically dispersed teams. You can have facial expressions, showcase your personality, and feel connected with people you may not see in person much (or at all). As we well know, most of our work can get done virtually. Business metaverses will rely on voice, gesture technology, and 3D models. Microsoft Mesh’s technology is helpful to companies that are virtual or spaced apart and allows for more immersive collaboration between employees.

5. Omniverse

NVIDIA’s Omniverse is an exciting simulation platform. It contributes to the growth of the metaverse by expanding and integrating more application data. This 3D animation program allows you to collaborate with people as a simulation. It will enable you to interact with people and feel as though you are in the physical world, just with more power. Innovation is easy within the Omniverse, and it is also free to use. This metaverse continues to grow and gain more popularity in both users and developers, building connectors. Additionaly, the Omniverse is one of the most diverse spaces created to date.

Now that we have learned more about the best metaverses currently existing, it is time to use them. The metaverse is consistently growing for many different purposes. Getting a head start on this technology will help you be innovative and progress quickly into the future of life and work.

How is the Business Metaverse Changing Work?

By now, you have probably heard about the metaverse. The metaverse is a growing virtual platform where people can make their own avatars and interact with each other. If you don’t know much about the metaverse, this article by Simply Flows can teach you more about this tech. But, did you know that you can use the metaverse for business too? Indeed, in the metaverse you can work, collaborate with your coworkers, and do almost anything that you do at a brick-and-mortar office. The business metaverse will surely change the way we work, and for the best.

Reading time: 5 mins | Published on: 2/9/2022

Why Use the Metaverse for Business?

The world is slowly but surely turning to virtual reality. In order to stay ahead of the game, it is important to begin learning about and consider incorporating this technology before your company falls behind your competitors. Besides the apparent driving factor of innovation, the business metaverse is essential for other reasons. Zoom fatigue is real. Staring at a screen for hours on end can be draining. The metaverse can change this by allowing you to move your avatar around and speak to people in a natural way. Such interaction creates a more personal and engaging feel, as though you were at the office. Therefore, using the metaverse for business is vital to company innovation and employee satisfaction.

Virtual Offices

Welcome to the virtual office. You can design it as you wish and determine the best possible setup to keep people engaged. The virtual office can look the same as the one you are currently in, or you can make it look different and more intriguing. If you don’t have an office and your company is remote, a virtual office could bring back that in-person feeling. COVID-19 changed the way we work, so having a space where everyone can gather safely can make all the difference in one’s work life. The virtual office is a vital part of the business metaverse and the future of work.

business metaverse

Other Business Metaverse Benefits

Besides increasing engagement and creating an immersive team feeling, the metaverse has many other valuable qualities. People can use the metaverse to conduct business or have a water-cooler chat. They can conduct corporate trainings or just use it for happy hours.

1. 3D Models

You can use the metaverse to build the office of your dreams. However, it goes much further than just virtual office designs. You can create 3D models of buildings through this technology. For example, if you were an architect, you could determine the best location for a house or building. The metaverse could have the facilities within a specific area of the world created. Additionally, architects could collaborate in the metaverse until they finalize a new design. Then, they could plan a demonstration of their model in the metaverse. Rather than not knowing for sure if a building will fit well in a specific location, you can use the metaverse to test out different solutions. And last but not least, project managers could use the model to monitor progress and safety, while the building goes on in the real world.

2. Project Presentations

Say that you work for a virtual company. You all have to meet in Zoom. Upon joining the call, you realize everyone is unfocused, with cameras off, and no indication that they are listening. You have a huge presentation, and you are nervous since you cannot determine if people are enjoying it or not. In the metaverse, this would not be a problem. By logging onto your avatars account, everyone will be present. Plus, it is an easy meeting place for everyone in a virtual setting to join on. No matter where you are in the world, you could go through presentations and interact in real-time in the metaverse.

3. Interior Design
business metaverse

Decorating the interior of a home or facility is another way the business metaverse can change work. If you buy a new house, it can be hard to envision the furniture and designs you want. You can pick and choose different furnishing through the metaverse that you like. If something is not to your preference, you can easily change it until satisfied with the result. The best part is that you would be inside that virtual or augmented reality, walking around the furniture to get a real idea of how your interior will look like. Interior designers could utilize this technology and change the way they work forever. Rather than creating a decoration that a family may not like, this process would ensure that a person approved of the design before fully committing.

4. Virtual Assistants

Have you ever hoped that someone would do your work for you? With virtual assistants, you can get so much help, even in the metaverse. Virtual assistants are AI helpers that automate tasks for you. This can help with time savings in your company by eliminating mundane tasks. These assistants can be ‘trained’ to do whatever jobs you want them to. Since people can be wary of AI and automation, these human-like virtual assistants will eliminate that discontent and put you at ease. You are in control of what they do for you, and you can always stop them.

The business metaverse is an expanding space. These are just some of the many examples of what can be achieved in this new virtual environment. Organizations will thrive in the metaverse, and their work will increasingly become better and more accessible through this technology. Simply Flows uses the metaverse to bring that personalized feeling back to the business. If you would like to learn more about the business world’s metaverse, check out this link to Simply Flows blog posts.

Metaverse Avatars: What Look Will you Choose?

Who doesn’t love to express themselves? Wearing clothes, makeup, hair accessories, or anything that makes you feel good about yourself is essential to living a happy life. These attributes are what make you unique! However, you can only express yourself to a certain degree at work. People often have to wear suits or business professional attire, which can take away some of your individualism. With the metaverse, this is not a problem. The metaverse gives you the freedom to express yourself, and you can learn more about these basics in this article by Simply Flows. Metaverse avatars are customizable. If you want, you can make it look just like yourself or create something wild that you usually would not attempt in the real world. What’s exciting about this feature of the metaverse is that you can always change how you look and make your avatar uniquely you.

Reading time: 4 mins | Published on: 2/5/2022

Metaverse Avatars for Beginners

You can customize your avatar any way you wish. Start personalizing your avatar from scratch or take a photo of yourself and let the application create a look-alike avatar for you. In the metaverse people can change whatever they like whenever they like. Some of the features you can change are gender, physical characteristics, and outfits.

1. Gender
metaverse avatars

Gender is just a concept in the metaverse. You can make your avatar male or female or explore other options. The metaverse is continually improving and doing more to be inclusive for people of all sexual orientations. You can customize your avatar depending on how you identify or choose any gender just for fun.

2. Physical Characteristics

Metaverse avatars have various physical characteristics that you can change. For example, if you are tall and skinny, you can change your character to fit this mold. If you have an athletic build, you can add muscles or other features to your avatar. You have the opportunity to change your skin to any color, whether it be your natural skin tone or something completely different. There are also opportunities to change features on your face. Hair can be styled and colored to your preferences. You can change the eye color, the shape of your avatar’s nose, eyes, and mouth. Additionally, you can add makeup if you desire. There are so many options to match the aesthetic you want.

3. Outfit Choices

Now, on top of all the changes you’ve already made, you get to choose what outfit you would like to wear. This could range from dresses to pan suits, jeans, and a t-shirt to a costume that you were always too scared to try on. Here, you can truly express yourself and wear whatever you truly desire. For example, say that you always wanted to dress like Rachel Greene from Friends. I would love to wear her outfits, but I can’t afford her wardrobe. Now, I won’t have to worry about paying for those expensive outfits. Self-expression has never been easier.

For Businesses

Having the ability to express yourself is amazing, but there are times when you may have to pull back. If you use the metaverse for your job, there could be a dress code. For example, if you are meeting with your coworkers, you may not want to have green skin and be wearing a tube top. Instead, wearing business casual will keep professionality in the workplace. Of course, these rules will be dependent on the company culture and tolerance for experimentation. Many boundaries would be broken in the metaverse but some sort of dress code or avatar-outfit-code may still be required, at least in the beginning. Coworkers may get distracted and lose focus during business meetings and presentations in case of a shockingly looking avatar. And as a result, your career may be negatively affected. 

Freedom to Choose

Freedom to Choose

Having the freedom to choose is a major bonus in the metaverse. Yes, you could get stuck with a dress code if using this software for business, but you have the power to change your look whenever you want. At work, you could have your avatar professional – wearing a suit and looking presentable for meetings, project presentations, and other work-related communications. Then, for entertainment and social activities, you could change and try out different features for your character. You will always have the freedom to change your metaverse avatar, making it unique. Remember to have fun and express yourself in the metaverse whenever you can!

Anyone can create their metaverse avatars in different ways. The whole point is to express yourself and be someone uniquely you!


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