Best Metaverses of 2022 (and Facebook isn’t one of them)

The metaverse is mainly used as a virtual meeting place for people to connect and entertain. A lot of new metaverses are created every day. Many are for gaming, others are for different forms of entertainment, and others are for business. Meta (ex Facebook) plans to build the biggest metaverse in the world. However, other metaverses have already gained a lot of popularity and followers. Knowing the best metaverses will help you choose which one to use or invest in.

Reading time: 5 mins | Published on: 2/15/2022

The Metaverse Overview

The metaverse is a growing space. People can meet online through virtual reality and communicate with one another through text, speaking, nonverbal communication, and more. After buying land, you can create offices, homes, and entertainment venues depending on your goals. Plus, you can make your own avatar that is customizable to your preferences. Since all of this is a 3D world, the experience is much more immersive. The metaverse is excellent to meet new friends and form unique connections. The metaverse is a great way to enjoy new experiences and interactions while staying in the comfort of your home.

Top 5 Metaverses

best metaverses

Knowing the best metaverses of 2022 can inform your decisions. On one hand, you can invest in the top ones. On the other, you may become a part of the community yourself. Below are five of the best metaverses you can become a part of (in no particular order).

If you would like to learn more about these metaverses, our metaverse catalog is a great tool to start with.

1. Decentraland

Decentraland is one of the most prominent virtual real estate places in the metaverse. People are able to buy and sell virtual properties at reasonable prices. You can do many things in this virtual world, such as using NFT galleries to show off your art and invest in real estate. Additionally, you could buy different NFT wearables and wear them in this metaverse. There are also crypto tokens $LAND, $ESTATE, and $MANA associated with Decentraland. This metaverse world is one of the best because you can invest, make money, and overall enjoy exploring a new setting.

2. Enjin

An Ethereum blockchain, Enjin is another fun virtual world in which you can immerse yourself. You can play games with other people and chat about different things. Also, you can make different collectible areas for all the stuff you find in this world. With these NFT collectibles, you can trade them with others to broaden your collection. Over 2.3 million people have installed this in their wallets because they enjoy the Enjin world. The crypto for this metaverse is $ENJ and has one of the higher market shares, making it one of the best metaverses on the market.

3. The Sandbox
best metaverses

The Sandbox is one of the most popular metaverses. This highly pixilated program is great for trying to monopolize and create your own world. It opens you up to new virtual experiences and gives you the power to create a world you always wanted. And you don’t need to know how to code to build there. You can make your imagination come to life without difficulty. You can also buy, sell, and stake NFTs in the Sandbox. Users can collect SAND coins. Also, they can purchase or unblock coins. Plus, there are different seasons in the Sandbox. They are currently getting ready for Alpha Season 2, including more investing in crypto, NFTS, hours played, and more. Signing up for this application would give you the opportunity to meet new people and earn different rewards.

4. Microsoft’s Mesh

Mesh is a business metaverse. It is a platform for virtual collaboration. This application is excellent for geographically dispersed teams. You can have facial expressions, showcase your personality, and feel connected with people you may not see in person much (or at all). As we well know, most of our work can get done virtually. Business metaverses will rely on voice, gesture technology, and 3D models. Microsoft Mesh’s technology is helpful to companies that are virtual or spaced apart and allows for more immersive collaboration between employees.

5. Omniverse

NVIDIA’s Omniverse is an exciting simulation platform. It contributes to the growth of the metaverse by expanding and integrating more application data. This 3D animation program allows you to collaborate with people as a simulation. It will enable you to interact with people and feel as though you are in the physical world, just with more power. Innovation is easy within the Omniverse, and it is also free to use. This metaverse continues to grow and gain more popularity in both users and developers, building connectors. Additionaly, the Omniverse is one of the most diverse spaces created to date.

Now that we have learned more about the best metaverses currently existing, it is time to use them. The metaverse is consistently growing for many different purposes. Getting a head start on this technology will help you be innovative and progress quickly into the future of life and work.