Metaverse Avatars: What Look Will you Choose?

Who doesn’t love to express themselves? Wearing clothes, makeup, hair accessories, or anything that makes you feel good about yourself is essential to living a happy life. These attributes are what make you unique! However, you can only express yourself to a certain degree at work. People often have to wear suits or business professional attire, which can take away some of your individualism. With the metaverse, this is not a problem. The metaverse gives you the freedom to express yourself, and you can learn more about these basics in this article by Simply Flows. Metaverse avatars are customizable. If you want, you can make it look just like yourself or create something wild that you usually would not attempt in the real world. What’s exciting about this feature of the metaverse is that you can always change how you look and make your avatar uniquely you.

Reading time: 4 mins | Published on: 2/5/2022

Metaverse Avatars for Beginners

You can customize your avatar any way you wish. Start personalizing your avatar from scratch or take a photo of yourself and let the application create a look-alike avatar for you. In the metaverse people can change whatever they like whenever they like. Some of the features you can change are gender, physical characteristics, and outfits.

1. Gender
metaverse avatars

Gender is just a concept in the metaverse. You can make your avatar male or female or explore other options. The metaverse is continually improving and doing more to be inclusive for people of all sexual orientations. You can customize your avatar depending on how you identify or choose any gender just for fun.

2. Physical Characteristics

Metaverse avatars have various physical characteristics that you can change. For example, if you are tall and skinny, you can change your character to fit this mold. If you have an athletic build, you can add muscles or other features to your avatar. You have the opportunity to change your skin to any color, whether it be your natural skin tone or something completely different. There are also opportunities to change features on your face. Hair can be styled and colored to your preferences. You can change the eye color, the shape of your avatar’s nose, eyes, and mouth. Additionally, you can add makeup if you desire. There are so many options to match the aesthetic you want.

3. Outfit Choices

Now, on top of all the changes you’ve already made, you get to choose what outfit you would like to wear. This could range from dresses to pan suits, jeans, and a t-shirt to a costume that you were always too scared to try on. Here, you can truly express yourself and wear whatever you truly desire. For example, say that you always wanted to dress like Rachel Greene from Friends. I would love to wear her outfits, but I can’t afford her wardrobe. Now, I won’t have to worry about paying for those expensive outfits. Self-expression has never been easier.

For Businesses

Having the ability to express yourself is amazing, but there are times when you may have to pull back. If you use the metaverse for your job, there could be a dress code. For example, if you are meeting with your coworkers, you may not want to have green skin and be wearing a tube top. Instead, wearing business casual will keep professionality in the workplace. Of course, these rules will be dependent on the company culture and tolerance for experimentation. Many boundaries would be broken in the metaverse but some sort of dress code or avatar-outfit-code may still be required, at least in the beginning. Coworkers may get distracted and lose focus during business meetings and presentations in case of a shockingly looking avatar. And as a result, your career may be negatively affected. 

Freedom to Choose

Freedom to Choose

Having the freedom to choose is a major bonus in the metaverse. Yes, you could get stuck with a dress code if using this software for business, but you have the power to change your look whenever you want. At work, you could have your avatar professional – wearing a suit and looking presentable for meetings, project presentations, and other work-related communications. Then, for entertainment and social activities, you could change and try out different features for your character. You will always have the freedom to change your metaverse avatar, making it unique. Remember to have fun and express yourself in the metaverse whenever you can!

Anyone can create their metaverse avatars in different ways. The whole point is to express yourself and be someone uniquely you!