Metaverse Business Opportunities

Many people are afraid to move towards the metaverse. They feel that it could hurt them because these virtual and alternate reality systems can replace jobs. In actuality, these functions are creating new and exciting opportunities for people. These new environments are creating a plethora of metaverse business opportunities; all you have to do is go find them!

Reading time: 5 mins | Published on: 4/25/2022

Metaverse background

Before we start talking about metaverse business opportunities, it is vital that we cover the basics. The metaverse is an expansive virtual world that you can explore alone, with friends, or with people you meet from around the world. Depending on the metaverse you choose to join, it can be for business, entertainment, gaming, finance, etc. These expansive worlds normally have coins that you can collect through completing tasks or buying them over time. Plus, there are a lot of NFTs in these virtual worlds that you can buy, sell, trade, or collect. The metaverse has a lot to offer and allows you to connect with people worldwide to do simple and fun tasks. To learn more about the basics of the metaverse, this article by Simply Flows is a great guide.

Metaverse Business Opportunites

Now moving on to the opportunities one can have in the metaverse. There are a lot of possibilities for success both inside and outside of these virtual worlds. More jobs have become available as a result of this new technology, and knowing about these new opportunities is important.

metaverse business opportunities
1. Jobs Outside the Metaverse

You’re probably thinking, “What does ‘outside the metaverse’ mean?” It represents the jobs you can get that allow for the creation of these virtual worlds. Metaverses do not come to be out of the blue. Extensive coding, content creation, creative designs, 3D modeling, animations, various interactions, audio & video casts, and more are needed in order to make these dream worlds a reality. Software engineers and architects, as well as visual designers are important because they create these virtual worlds. Creative directors make sure that the content is fun to interact with and keeps users engaged. Product managers work on coming up with new ideas and features that meet the needs of people in the world. All these jobs are growing in numbers. Also, the pay is not bad at all!

2. Jobs Inside the Metaverse

Besides outside of the metaverse, you can get jobs inside it, too. There are many metaverses and each of them is a vast world with so many opportunities. You can interact with anyone from anywhere in the world, having an immersive and more personalized experience. Opportunities and businesses will grow together inside the metaverse and become one of the driving forces for people to get hired over time. Another job for people in the metaverse is performing. Since many metaverses are based on entertainment, many have famous, up-and-coming, or new performers perform on stages. This is a way for people to make an income and become noticed for their talents. The metaverse is exciting and gives people new ways to work globally.

Old Jobs in a new Reality

As the metaverse grows, some exciting jobs can become available. Besides just what is possible now, there will be more growth as technology progresses. This will create more opportunities for people to become employed and thrive in these VR worlds. Metaverse business opportunities are becoming more possible as time goes by and some of these opportunities are…

1. Dining

As the metaverse grows, so do the people that use it. Dining has become a popular occurrence in the metaverse. People can make reservations at these eating establishments and converse with others. But, what is a restaurant without a waiter? As time goes by and more people begin making reservations for these virtual dining locations, people will need servers to keep the illusion alive. Servers will eventually be necessary for the metaverse and will earn an income for those who take the jobs.

2. Personal Trainers

People want to lose weight without leaving the comfort of their own homes. The metaverse is the key to this journey. Having personalized fitness experiences is essential to people, but some are gym shy or do not have the time to leave their house and go to the gym. Using the metaverse is a great way to get in shape, but if people do not know how, they will need help. Cue personal trainers. These personal trainers can get paid to run fitness classes or one-on-one sessions. Teaching people how to lose weight or gain muscle is something that many people want. This becomes an easily attainable luxury with paid personal trainers in the metaverse.

3. Educators
Metaverse Business Opportunities

With COVID, virtual learning became the new norm. As we slowly progress back to a state of normalcy and being in classrooms, it is curious to see that some people do not want to go back to this way of life. Instead of being forced to go to classes, students should have the right to choose how they want to learn. With the metaverse, this is made possible. People can still have an interactive learning environment within their homes. However, they need teachers, counselors, and more to be successful in receiving their education. By hiring these professionals in the metaverse, more jobs open up to teachers worldwide.

As you can see, the metaverse is not trying to steal jobs away from people. In fact, more jobs have and will become available due to this technology. The possibilities in the metaverse are endless, not only for users but also for people seeking employment.

Metaverse Office is Expanding the Physical One

We all know how hard it was to go to the office once COVID-19 hit. Most of the offices got closed and people had to work from home. Virtual meetings became the norm, and ever since this change, people still choose to work from home. With this increase in hybrid or virtual work models, new methods of communication have become more prevalent. The metaverse has allowed for an exciting and new virtual work environment. Many metaverses, one being Tangra, a metaverse by Simply Flows, have created a virtual space for people to meet, collaborate, and perform various business functions. The metaverse office brings unique benefits for knowledge workers.

Reading time: 5 mins | Published on: 4/18/2022

Functions of the Business Metaverse

The metaverse office allows you to meet with coworkers anywhere, anytime, and in any place. This technology is revolutionary and paves the way for the future of work. The Tangra metaverse will be used as an example to show all the amazing benefits that come with the virtual reality office.

1. Personalized Meetings

When meeting on different web conferencing software, meetings are not that personalized. You can see one another only if their cameras are on. During these meetings, people could get tired and may not be very engaged in this 2D setting. However, in Simply Flows Tangra metaverse, you can enter this office with a personalized avatar. You can customize this avatar to look like you or be completely different, having its own unique style. Once everyone enters Tangra, the avatars can interact with each other. This creates a better experience for everyone involved because people worldwide can physically interact with each other in this 3D setting. You can walk around, sit, interact with the environment, and talk with one another in this office setting. Instead of feeling detached, the metaverse office will make you feel connected again.

2. Water Cooler Chats

Say you are an international employee. It can be a drag to sign on and meet people at later or earlier hours because working times do not overlap. The metaverse office makes this process less tedious. You can sign on and meet with your coworkers to chat about a project or just catch up. By being able to see one another’s avatars, the experience is much more enjoyable for all parties. Additionally, such interactions help better include those who remain virtual. We’ve brought the iconic water cooler chats to Tangra. Just bring your own water bottle.

3. Events

Companies can host various events in the metaverse, one being job fairs. Jobs fairs are a great way to meet people and determine if they are a good fit for a company. However, in person meetings are hard or impossible during a pandemic. Therefore, an organization could miss out on a great match. Also, international applicants may not be considered for jobs outside of the country where they reside. All this will change in the metaverse. Host job fairs in this new space and find the best talent. The metaverse office opens up tons of new opportunities for employment that people previously could not attain.

metaverse office

What Makes Tangra Unique?

Simply Flows metaverse Tangra is unique because it offers more than these essential business functions. It is the first and only metaverse to have virtual assistants. You may be wondering what are virtual assistants? They are computer-generated avatars that help you with different tasks. In Tangra, you see an office assistant right after you enter. She can help you with additional inquiries and direct you to where you need to go efficiently by speaking to you. Looking to find out more about what Simply Flows product has to offer? The virtual assistant will take you to their product page. Want to sign up? She will point you to the visitor book. Workflows can be made through these assistants to program what you need to do conveniently. Tangra brings virtual assistants to life and humanizes your experience with AI.

Will this Technology Replace In-Person Offices?

Obviously, a lot can be done in the metaverse office space. However, this technology will never completely replace the in-person office experience. It is an excellent addition for more personalized communication when working from home or a distance away. Brick-and-mortar offices have been around for a long time. Some people just prefer them or do not have proper conditions to work from home. Others like being home but will use the metaverse to feel like they are not alone. Overall, the metaverse will not replace the in-person experience. It will be a suitable replacement for those who want a better online experience when working.

In Tangra: host or attend meetings, do presentations or trainings, and utilize our virtual assistants to offer better experience to your customers. Learn more or book a demo today!

10 Simple Ways to Improve your Financial Literacy Skills

April is the month of financial literacy awareness. Many people, especially in the United States, are not the best when it comes to financial literacy skills. To ensure successful handling and growing of your money, have a look at these simple tips.

Reading time: 6 mins | Published on: 4/12/2022

financial literacy skills
1. Budgeting

A task as easy as budgeting can keep your expenses in check. Say you are a single person living on your own who wants to spend around $500 or less each month. This is easily attainable if you can keep track of your expenses. You can allocate different amounts of money to specific costs. Plus, you could have an amount set aside for emergencies each month, so you know that you have it ready if you need extra cash for an unexpected expense. There are tons of resources you can use for this process. You could track them on a spreadsheet or use an app. Budgeting is one of the simplest tricks to keep yourself from overindulging.

2. Sign Up for Financial Newsletters

If you do not know where to start on this journey toward gaining financial literacy skills, signing up for financial newsletters is a good start. Research and reading are great ways to increase your awareness of good and bad spending habits. It can inform you more about how to save money, deal with your credit score, and much more. A beneficial financial newsletter is Athene’s Smart Strategies.

3. Invest in a Retirement PLan
financial literacy skills

At an early age, one needs to start investing in a retirement plan. Some of the available plans are 401(k), 403(b), traditional IRA, Roth IRA, etc. This is the money you will save and, hopefully, grow to have available after your retirement. Instead of putting minimal funding into this account, it is vital to start this investing as soon as possible. This will allow you to be financially stable once you leave work and start a new journey in your life. Even if you only put around 10% aside from your paycheck each month, this will still add up to amazing savings. Don’t neglect your retirement plan. Research and choose one that benefits you because this will help you be set up for success later on in life.

4. Learn from Social Media

As we know, social media can contain fake news. One must be careful with who they trust and what they see online. However, there are many people on different social channels that want to help others become financially literate. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are good places to find information about financial literacy skills and what you can do to improve them. Just make sure you follow trusted and honest sources of information.

5. Check your Credit Score

Your credit score is fundamental. If you ever want to take out a loan to buy a house, car, or finance your business, then you need to have a healthy credit score. This can be attained by paying off your credit card bills and interest on time, new missing payments, etc. If your credit score is low, this can negatively impact you in many ways. It is much harder and much more expensive to get credit from banks and other institutions with a low credit score. Improving or maintaining a high credit score is vital.

6. Financial Management Tools

As mentioned before, budgeting apps can help you keep track of your finances. However, this is not the only financial management tool available at your disposal. Some apps can track the progress of your loan and when payments are due, your 401(k) investments, your net worth, and so much more. These apps can help you become organized by tracking your finances, leading to financial stability. If you want to check out some apps, Personal Capital’s Retirement Planner is great for 401(k) tracking, Mint is good for budgeting and keeping track of savings, and Investmate is a helpful education app to learn everything about trading. Check these apps out!

7. Talk to a Professional

If self-teaching isn’t working, you could always speak to a professional. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! There are tons of people who do financial planning in their lives or for a job and would help you out if you were to ask. If you cannot afford to hire someone to do this, then try to network with someone in the field and see if they can give you some tips. Additionally, there are hundreds of meetups, webinars, and professional presentations, where you can ask questions at the end. Reaching out does not hurt and will most likely help you in the long run.

8. Understand Basics of Debt and Loans

Loans and debts hold a lot of power in the financial world. When taking out a loan, knowing everything about interest rates, repayment schedule, penalties for late or pre-payments is essential. Ask about all those properties before taking a loan to ensure you won’t harm your credit score. If you are already in debt, you have to try to pay it off as soon as possible. If you get behind on your payment schedule, you could have to pay more for your loans, sending you into additional debt. Understanding these basic concepts should enable you to make the right decision should you choose to go down this path.

9. Safe Spending with Credit Cards

Credit cards are great because of the bonuses you can get and the simplicity of use. However, this can be dangerous for people who cannot control their spending. Credit cards have limits, and surpassing them could get you into trouble. You have to be able to pay off a portion of your bill each month, and if you can’t, this can send you into debt or cause legal troubles for you. Yes, it is fun to swipe that card and get tons of different items, but not at the expense of your financial stability. Use your credit cards wisely.

10. Gain control

All in all, you have to be in control of your finances. If you don’t invest and budget, you will not have money saved for later. Ignoring free financial resources will prevent you from learning and improving your financial situation. Instead of allowing yourself to overspend and go into debt, it is necessary to see your flaws and try to manage them. Additionally, gaining control over your financial present and future will help you overcome any negatives you may face or faced in the past.

These are just some of the tips and tricks to increase your financial literacy skills. Knowing what can help you and what hinders you is a big step in this process. Be sure to be safe with your money and do not overindulge.

5 Unique Metaverse Uses in Our Everyday Lives

The metaverse can be used for entertainment, events, concerts, games. However, there is much more to the metaverse than meets the eye. Onboarding, job fairs, e-commerce, tourism, and dating are some unique metaverse uses that can immensely impact our lives.

Reading time: 5 mins | Published on: 4/5/2022

Unique Metaverse Uses

Metaverses are an exciting place where nearly anything is possible. The unique uses of these virtual worlds are exciting to explore. Let’s look at some you may never have considered before.

1. Onboarding

Every new employee goes through onboarding. There are usually quite a few people involved in the onboarding process – recruiters, talent development professionals, your direct manager, senior team member(s), etc. Any of those people could be away or working from home. It’s your first day and there’s no one to do the onboarding? No problem, it can be done in the metaverse in an interactive and immersive way. The actual office space could be replicated in the metaverse, so you may freely walk around without disturbing anyone. You will meet with everyone you need to, get your questions answered, review policies in a new fun way, go through the mandatory trainings, obtain a better understanding of your immediate job responsibilities. And all of that without the commute, stress, and anxiety. Onboarding in the metaverse can be very beneficial to both the organization and the new employee’s wellbeing.

Simply Flows is building the future of work in the metaverse. We offer offices for rent and purchase in the metaverse, along with digital assistants to augment your physical workforce.

2. Job Fairs

Job-hunting is a daunting task. In-person job fairs can be stressful and may turn out to be a total waste of time with long lines of people and no one to answer your questions. Online job fairs often times have company booths unmanned which neglects the purpose of a 1-on-1 conversation to demonstrate your drive and potential. In the metaverse, you would be able to use your avatar and voice to show off your true persona while eliminating those face-to-face jitters. Plus, more companies would be able to show up to job fairs in the metaverse. They could set up fun booths to display who they are and that would be much simpler than traveling to an in-person location. This opens up the possibility for more jobs to be available for people worldwide.

3. Commerce
metaverse uses

If you love to shop until you drop then the metaverse will have an insane amount of options available for you. Instead of purchasing something on the fly, you can try them on in the metaverse and test them out to see if you like them. Then, these products can either be purchased as virtual NFTs or physical products from anywhere in the world. There will be no barriers to purchasing in the metaverse, so shopping can be done whenever you desire. Plus, the physical products that you purchase, they can be sent straight to your place of residency. Once you buy them in the metaverse they are yours to keep. The ability to thoroughly test out products and then buy them in the different tangible states is one of many exciting metaverse uses.

4. Tourism

Trip get canceled because of COVID? No worries! Within the metaverse, people have created worlds that depict real life. With this technology, it is no longer a problem to see the world. In fact, at little to no cost, the metaverse allows you to become the tourist of your dreams. You can explore the world in a highly interactive manner, meet new people, and revel at the beautiful sites in front of you. Although virtually seeing this content, the metaverse will make it feel like you’re actually in another country seeing the world. Plus, if this isn’t enough for you and you want to physically go to a new location, you can check out hotels in the metaverse before booking to see if you like them. The metaverse gives a lot of possibilities for tourism, through the recreation of beautiful sights and even hotels.

Metaverse Uses
5. Dating

Meeting people through an app can be scary. You never know if a person in their profile is how they appear. With the metaverse, this once scary in-person interaction can be eliminated. First meetings can take place in the metaverse so it is like you are meeting in real life, but it is done in a safe manner. You can chat over coffee, go see a movie together, or just explore the metaverse on this date. By having this safe interaction, you could determine whether or not this person seems good for you. This could then lead to more metaverse dates until you feel safe enough to meet in person. This is a unique metaverse use as it brings people together, but in a way that is safe for all.

The unique metaverse uses highlighted in this article can have a strong impact on a person’s everyday life. For people who are more introverted, or have a situation where they can not leave home the metaverse opens up so many opportunities for them. Plus, in unprecedented situations like a pandemic, it could bring together communities when we could not physically see one another. The metaverse is great for everyday lives.


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