Metaverse vs. Multiverse, What’s the Difference?

With the release of the new Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness movie, I think it’s appropriate to discuss two of the most significant “M” named worlds. The multiverse and the metaverse are two of the most exciting and futuristic concepts lately. Some people know a little bit about them, others have barely heard the words. To most, they sound and seem similar. Well, they are not. What’s the difference? Glad you asked! Let’s explore the differences between the metaverse vs. multiverse.

Reading time: 5 mins | Published on: 5/17/2022

The Metaverse

The metaverse is a virtual environment where you can connect seamlessly with people from all over the world. In these worlds, you can express yourself by creating your own avatar and other customizations you get to choose. Plus, there are environments for everyone to join. There is a metaverse for you if you like real estate, gaming, business, or remotely any type of environment. These virtual worlds combine physical aspects to make it feel like you are in the real world, even though you are immersed in technology. This is just a bit of what the metaverse has to offer. Find out more about them in this article by Simply Flows.

Tangra - Virtual Workspace

The Multiverse

Now the multiverse has multiple definitions. In technical terms, it is the ideology that there is more than one universe. This means that different parallel universes exist. There can be other versions of yourself in these worlds and different storylines. If you join a multiverse virtual world, they are very chaotic and unique environments with no sense of order or ownership. Each universe is different, so you would have to leave one to join the other and perform various functions. From a more fun point of view, the multiverse is an ecosystem of parallel realities in the Marvel Universe. There are many dimensions, each with different outcomes for different situations. The Marvel multiverse is boundless, showing how there is chaos and a multitude of worlds to be explored. The multiverse overall, whether Marvel-based or technical, makes up a multitude of different worlds that a person can be involved within.

Metaverse vs. Multiverse: The Differences

metaverse vs. multiverse
The metaverse vs. multiverse debate tries to determine where the differences between the two lie. Although both are known for being virtual ecosystems, they’re very different.
1. Virtual World vs. Multiple Worlds

As established, the metaverse is a singular virtual world, whereas the multiverse is multiple for one platform. If you were to enter the Tangra by Simply Flows metaverse, it is one seamlessly connected environment where people can interact, collaborate, and be creative. The multiverse is different virtual environments in one. Rather than being able to deal with NFTs and play games in the same location, the multiverse would make you switch to another world to deal with these different interactions. The metaverse would let you do this all in the same world. Although hundreds of different metaverses exist, you can do nearly anything you want in that singular world once you are in a specific one you choose. With the multiverse, there are multiple areas in one environment, and to do different tasks, you have to switch between unique domains.

2. Different Personas
metaverse vs. multiverse

When entering the virtual world, you can choose how you want to portray yourself. In the metaverse, you can create an avatar personalized based on how you want others to see you. You get to express who you are and how you are unique. With the multiverse, you can have various different personas. Take the movie Spiderman: No Way Home, for example. When Ned opened the portal, Tobey McGuire came out of one portal and Andrew Garfield out of the other. These two other people were Spiderman in earlier movies. By opening the multiverse portal, you could meet and see these other Spidermen and learn briefly about their parallel universes and different storylines. You can do this online in the multiverse as well and create different people for each unique world, whereas with the metaverse, you have your solo avatar.

3. Ownership

There is no ownership of assets in the multiverse in other virtual worlds. If you were to attain something of value in one ecosystem, it means nothing in another. That asset would have to remain in that environment since that would be the only place where your ownership of it holds value. The metaverse is the opposite. NFTs and other collectibles are always valuable in the shared space. Since the metaverse only comprises one specific world for each program, your ownership of an item will hold value. For example, if one were to buy and collect different Axie’s in Axie Infinity, they would hold a lot of value in that domain. Ownership of assets is a heavy influencer in what makes the metaverse vs. multiverse vary.

The metaverse is a vast singular virtual ecosystem with ownership and avatars specific to you. The multiverse is many worlds in one platform where there is only ownership in each world with varying avatars. Plus, the multiverse is a heavy influencer in the Marvel ecosystem. These two worlds, although vastly different, are both unique to other people. Now that the distinction has been made, which world would you want to join?

Every Remote Company Needs a Metaverse

As a remote company, it can be hard to connect in a meaningful manner. People can join virtual meetings and interact with one another, but this communication is not always seamless. So, how could a remote company become more interactive with its employees? With Simply Flows Metaverse Tangra, their main goal is to deliver features to your remote company that the virtual world can not. In this article, you will learn more about the features of Tangra, including their virtual assistants. Remote companies would enjoy their experience more through this business metaverse’s unique offerings.

Reading time: 4 mins | Published on: 5/10/2022

Can’t do it Over Zoom

Different functions can be done over various web applications and through virtual meetings. However, the lack of engaging communication can harm remote companies. Tangra goes beyond just connecting people. It does it in an immersive and inclusive way. That makes it an exciting virtual world to explore.

Every remote company needs a metaverse
Now You See Me

In virtual meetings, you can see one another depending on camera functionality. Sure, it is nice to see your coworkers, but it may not always happen. This can make the remote experience dull and uneventful, leading to a loss of focus. In Tangra, you have exciting and customizable avatars that can engage with others. Once you permit your computer to have access to your microphone, you can chat with coworkers in this world. In fact, this would increase engagement because everyone would be present in their unique ways. Tangra takes away the issue of lack of personalization in a remote company and instead makes it a fun virtual working environment.

Daily Meetings

To go off what we just talked about, daily meetings can be held in Tangra to help with concentration and engagement for employees. Bringing people into the virtual world, especially people from all over the world, where they can hear and see each other without issue, is good motivation to start the day. Having these meetings can also be impacted by the office environment. Instead of feeling isolated from everyone at work, you all can gather in the board room. There you can discuss plans for the day or utilize Simply Flows other exciting feature for Tangra, which is…

A Place for Presentations or Decorations

All around Tangra, there are black screens. When you interact with these screens, you can upload anything you like, as long as you have permission. Now you may be thinking this can be done on other virtual platforms. However, your remote company gets to post and leave these images up for as long as they desire. If there is an area where you just want some fun decorations, you can put up different artwork or something that expresses yourself. You can upload a photo or video presenting whatever material you want in places like the board room or other small meeting areas. Need to show a picture? Upload it to one of those screens and explain why it is essential to your coworkers. Having presentation space, as well as the ability to express yourself, makes engagement rates soar.

Virtual Assistants

Tangra already has a lot of benefits, but one of its most significant accomplishments is their virtual assistants. Virtual assistants are placed all around the office to help you with different needs. At the front desk, an “office manager” is there to greet you and to help you navigate the space. It can automatically schedule a meeting with a team member via the cool integration with Calendly. Another assistant is in an office pertaining to crypto and day trading. You can get all the news you need on these topics with ease. Rather than struggling with tasks, Simply Flows made virtual assistants to make your life and work as stress-free as possible.

Excitement for the Future

There are so many amazing benefits to the Tangra metaverse. It makes digital engagement easier for a remote company and brings together people from around the world. The hype behind this technology can bring excitement to coworkers. In an article on Insider about eXp Realty, these employees have only worked in a metaverse environment. It was made for their company and has held high levels of engagement because it is interactive, easy to use, and has a fun aspect to it as well. Working entirely in that virtual world has actually brought co-workers closer together. They are excited to visit each other while on a vacation or a trip to their peer’s location.

Tangra’s metaverse is unique. You can customize the avatars and the space to your company’s liking. Presentations and interactions can be personalized and meaningful. Being a part of Tangra’s business metaverse is the first step to creating an engaging metaverse for your remote company.


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